Most single copies of audiobooks, except 40-60% off titles, are 100% guaranteed for 30 days after receipt.

Opened audiobooks may be returned within the guarantee period for Web store credit only.

Pimsleur Comprehensive language courses are guaranteed against defects for 30 days after receipt for USA deliveries only. No other guarantees apply.

Orders for multiple copies of the same title have special guarantee terms available upon request.


All sales are final on 40-60%% off product. I.E. Product is NOT guaranteed and NOT returnable.


INSPECT THE SHIPPING CONTAINER & PRODUCT PACKAGES: It is important that you inspect the shipping container and audio product packages upon delivery and note any damage to your postal carrier or local post office. All materials (shipping container, product packages and packing) must be retained for insurance claim purposes. Notify us immediately of any such damage. Failure to inspect and retain shipping materials may result in nullifying insurance coverage and you risk not being reimbursed.

BEFORE OPENING product packages, determine that you received what you wanted. I.E. cassettes, compact discs, abridged, unabridged, MP3 CDs, title, author, narrator….


RETURNS MUST BE AUTHORIZED, packaged securely in a carton & within the USA mailed back to us, Insured Media Mail Insured, within seven days of authorization.

Returns MUST be insured! Returns not insured are at risk of loss or damage at your expense. To return any or all of your order, send us an email ( or call 1-800-639-1862 for a Return Authorization. Insure for the amount paid for the audiobooks (less shipping) unless we state otherwise in your Return Authorization. Methods of return from non-USA countries will be determined at the time of Return Authorization. A copy of our email Return Authorization or, for telephone authorizations, a note of the date and the name of the Audiobooks Online representative should be included. You will be credited for the cost of the audiobooks (excluding shipping, except for defective product) upon receipt. For defective product, you will be credited upon verification of defect.


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