44 Scotland Street 5: Unbearable Lightness of Scones: Alexander McCall Smith - CD

44 Scotland Street 5: Unbearable Lightness of Scones: Alexander McCall Smith - CD

SKU: 9781440788253
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  • Written By: Alexander McCall Smith
  • Publisher: Recorded Books
  • Published: January 2010
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Written by Alexander McCall Smith - Audio book performed by Robert Ian MacKenzie - Unabridged Fiction - 12 RETAIL EDITION COMPACT DISCS - 14 hours

Publisher, Recorded Books (January 2010)

NOTE: RETAIL EDITIONS are packaged in attractive, compact cardboard, jewel-case or DVD shrink-wrapped cases, with full-color art.

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“[McCall Smith’s] series, featuring Scottish American moral philosopher Isabel Dalhousie, is a charmer … and steadily growing in popularity.” —Booklist

“It is impossible to come away from an Alexander McCall Smith novel without a smile on the lips and warm fuzzies in the heart.” —Chicago Sun-Times

New York Times best-selling, award-winning author Alexander McCall Smith delivers the fifth entertaining novel from his 44 Scotland Street series. Precocious six-year-old Bertie joins the scouts to escape his mother, Matthew learns to handle the challenges of marriage, and Domenica deals with loneliness. Even four-legged Cyril gets in on the action, finding himself a bit of canine romance.

About Alexander McCall Smith: Alexander McCall Smith has written more than 50 books covering a wide range of topics and directed at many different audiences. His works include Forensic Aspects of Sleep and The Criminal Law of Botswana, children’s book The Perfect Hamburger, and a collection of stories called Portuguese Irregular Verbs. A professor of medical law at Edinburgh University, he was born in what is now Zimbabwe and taught law at the University of Botswana.

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