Penetrator Book 1: The Target is H - Chet Cunningham - MP3 CD

Penetrator Book 1: The Target is H - Chet Cunningham - MP3 CD

SKU: 9781605480565
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  • Written By: Chet Cunningham
  • Publisher: Books in Motion
  • Published: December 2007
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Written by Chet Cunningham - Audio book performed by Gene Engene - Unabridged Fiction - 1 RETAIL EDITION MP3 COMPACT DISC - 5.12 hours

Publisher, Books in Motion (2008)

NOTE: Books In Motion RETAIL EDITIONS are packaged in attractive, simple compact, plastic album design with full-color cover artwork.

ALERT! YOUR CD PLAYER MUST BE MP3 COMPATIBLE! MP3 audiobooks on compact disc can be played on newer CD players that support MP3 technology and accept a 4.75" diameter disc, and on any personal computer that has Microsoft's Media Player or similar software.

With 5 million copies in print, The Penetrator novel series has thrilled readers around the world for years. The series features the action and adventures of Mark Hardin as he wages a continuing war against crime, corruption, and evil organizations from around the world in order to protect the innocent.

With, "The Target Is H", find out how it all began and what events lead to Mark Hardin's quest for justice. A quest where he must not only go up against the criminals but at times law enforcement officials who wish to stop him.

The Penetrator. He's learned how in Vietnam. Infiltrate the enemy's position, determine the plan of action and then strike swiftly, taking out as many key men as possible, wreaking destruction, leaving chaos in your wake.

Now he as in Los Angeles, engaged in a new, far more sinister war. But he was fully prepared and totally committed, and bound by no rules but his own.

He is tall and slim, reflecting his unique Indian-Welsh background. His driver's license indicates his age is twenty-eight. If he seems a bit grim, it is for good reason.

He was orphaned at four, when his parents and three brothers and sisters were killed in an automobile crash. Since then, he's been mistreated, brutalized by life, injured in games (football), and wounded in combat. Mark Hardin is tough, a survivor, and an expert in marksmanship, karate, aikido and even the crossbow.

He is the new breed of warrior without uniform, without rank dedicated to the American way of life, and pledged to fight anyone who seeks to destroy it, on either side of the law. That's why he is in Los Angeles. Just the beginning of a long and lonely series of brushfire wars.

About the Performer: Gene Engene is an award-winning reader with an astounding catalog of audiobooks to his credit. He is best known as J.P. Beaumont in the J.A. Jance mystery series. Gene is a veteran stage actor, director, and is a retired Professor of Drama at Eastern Washington University.

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