Masters of Disaster: Gary Paulsen - MP3 CD

Masters of Disaster: Gary Paulsen - MP3 CD

Unabridged MP3 CD : $11.80 List: $15.00   9781455801404
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Unabridged CD : $11.80 List: $15.00   9781455801381
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  • Written By: Gary Paulsen
  • Published: January 2011
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Written by Gary Paulsen - Audio book performed by Nick Podehl - Unabridged Fiction - 1 RETAIL EDITION MP3 COMPACT DISC - 2 hours

Publisher, Brilliance Audio (January 2011)

NOTE: RETAIL EDITIONS are packaged in attractive, compact cardboard, jewel-case or DVD shrink-wrapped cases, with full-color art.

ALERT! YOUR CD PLAYER MUST BE MP3 COMPATIBLE! MP3 audiobooks on compact disc can be played on newer CD players that support MP3 technology and accept a 4.75" diameter disc, and on any personal computer that has Microsoft's Media Player or similar software.

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Received the coveted AudioFile Magazine's 'Earphones Award' (June / July 2011) for exceptional narrative voice and style, vocal characterization, appropriateness for audio format and enhancement of the text!

Henry Mosley decides that he and his pals Riley and Reed need to go on some earth-shaking adventures and make a name for themselves. Henry is the mastermind; Riley’s the researcher who’s prepared for anything. And somehow fearful Reed always ends up with the scariest, craziest assignments.

Roped into wacky attempts to break world records, reenact scenes from books, solve a hundred-year-old murder, and carry out Henry’s other inspired ideas, Riley and Reed follow their fearless leader everywhere: into the wilderness, inside a bull-riding ring, into a haunted house, off the neighbors’ roof, and into a cataclysmic collision with explosive life-forms. Gary Paulsen brings all his trademark humor to this tale of fun and disaster.

About the Author: Three-time Newbery-winning author Gary Paulsen, hailed as "one of the best-loved writers alive" by the New York Times, divides his time between his ranch in New Mexico, a sailboat on the Pacific Ocean, and his dog-kennel in Alaska. He's written over 200 books for young people, stories that have been embraced by readers of all ages.

About the Performer: Nick Podehl has been named a "Best Voice of 2010" by AudioFile magazine. He has narrated many young adult, fantasy and romance titles, several of which have won awards, and has appeared in a number of theatrical productions and independent films.

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