Instant Immersion Spanish Audio Deluxe - CD audio course

Instant Immersion Spanish Audio Deluxe - CD audio course

SKU: 1591508339
  • Publisher: Topics Entertainment
  • Published: January 2006
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Produced by Topics Entertainment (January 2006) - Audio-Original Nonfiction - 8 COMPACT DISCS & 2 CD-ROMS

Instant Immersion™ Deluxe – This dynamic language learning system couples recorded audio instruction with printed lesson reinforcement. Utilizing the comprehensive 8-compact disc Instant Immersion™ curriculum in addition to a printable transcript of each audio lesson, Instant Immersion™ Deluxe is not just a phrase book or translation guide, but rather a sophisticated route to proper language learning. Includes bonus Talk Now! software disc.

Business trip to Barcelona? Vacation in Veracruz?

From Madrid to Mexico City, now you can join the conversation with Instant Immersion™ Spanish Audio Deluxe, the dynamic language learning system comprising recorded audio instruction and printed lesson reinforcement. Begin your course of Spanish study with audio instruction utilizing the comprehensive 8-compact-disc Instant Immersion™ Spanish curriculum. The Instant Immersion™ Audio Course Guide on CD-ROM offers a complete, printable transcript of all your audio lessons, perfect for follow-along study or between-disc review. Not a phrase guide, not a translation guide, Instant Immersion™ Spanish Audio Deluxe is the speedy, sophisticated route to proper Spanish, providing effective, progressive instruction in all the basics of structure, syntax and grammar. And with the bonus Talk Now! Spanish software discs, you'll optimize your language learning through lively, interactive content. Portable, progressive, and priced right: Instant Immersion Spanish Audio Deluxe is the learning suite that speaks your language!

Audio Instruction on 8 Compact Discs

Let the comprehensive audio Instant Immersion™ curriculum get you started on your linguistic journey, with progressive instruction designed to demonstrate fast results in spoken Spanish proficiency. Developed by university instructors, this course of study provides the foundation for effective Spanish language learning, from basic vocabulary to verb conjugation and beyond.

Lesson Plans include:

1: Alphabet; Sounds
2: Greetings; Introductions; Subject pronouns
3: Gender agreement; Physical descriptions and corresponding verbs
4: Weather; Numbers; Irregular verbs; Finding & following directions
5: Days of the week; Date; Useful shopping terms
6: Restaurants; Food and corresponding verbs
7: Cultural notes on ethnic food & customs - Finding accommodations
8: Time/hours; Corresponding verbs; Use of object pronouns

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