Five Little Peppers & How They Grew: Margaret Sidney - MP3 CD

Five Little Peppers & How They Grew: Margaret Sidney - MP3 CD

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  • Written By: Margaret Sidney
  • Publisher: Tantor Audio
  • Published: January 2005
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Written by Lucy Margaret Sidney - Audio book performed by Rebecca Burns - Unabridged Fiction - 1 MP3 COMPACT DISC - 7.5 hours

Publisher, Tantor Media (January 2005)

ALERT! YOUR CD PLAYER MUST BE MP3 COMPATIBLE! MP3 audiobooks on compact disc can be played on newer CD players that support MP3 technology and accept a 4.75" diameter disc, and on any personal computer that has Microsoft's Media Player or similar software.

"...since the father died, when Phronsie was a baby, Mrs. Pepper had had hard work to scrape together money enough to put bread into her children's mouths, and to pay the rent of the little brown house. But she had met life too bravely to be beaten down now. So with a stout heart and a cheery face, she had worked away day after day at making coats and tailoring and mending of all descriptions; and she had seen with pride that couldn't be concealed, her noisy, happy brood growing up around her, and filling her heart with comfort, and making the little brown house fairly ring with jollity and fun."

Life is tough for the Little Peppers, but they always handle their difficulties with great courage and cheer. They want, so badly, a good life for their mother. When the Peppers meet a wealthy gentleman and his young son it appears that their prayers have been answered - but things aren't that simple.

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