Car Talk: 25 Years of Lousy Car Advice: Tom & Ray Magliozzi - CD

Car Talk: 25 Years of Lousy Car Advice: Tom & Ray Magliozzi - CD

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  • Written By: Tom Magliozzi
  • Publisher: HighBridge Audio
  • Published: January 2013
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Created & audio book performed by Tom Magliozzi & Ray Magliozzi - Original NPR / National Public Radio Broadcast Segments - Nonfiction Entertainment - 2 COMPACT DISCS - 2 hours

Publisher, HighBridge Audiobooks (January 2013)

Celebrating 25 years! The most comprehensive collection of Car Talk highlights ever, mixing automotive advice with wisecracks, roadside philosophy and irresistible guffaws.

In 1987, Tom and Ray Magliozzi, also known as Click and Clack, the Tappet Brothers, made the leap from nursing the motley car population of New England to creating the nationally beloved public radio phenomenon that we all know as Car Talk. The advice may be a little suspect, and the memories in desperate need of a tune-up, but the laughs are genuine as Click and Clack look back on an illustrious—if not industrious—25 years of delighting NPR audiences with their wit, wisdom, and occasionally relevant musings on the maintenance of cars. Lovingly compiled by the long-suffering lackeys at Car Talk Plaza, this collection represents the most memorable, most hilarious moments from the show’s vast archives.


— Vowels to Bosnia

— The Tollbooth Fugitive

— The Andy Letter

— My Government Vehicle Shakes at 17,500 MPH

— The Great Montreal Hotel Fire

— Remember That Time Your Car Blew Up, Dad?

— My Wife, the Truck

— Richard, His Goats, and Doris

— You Can’t Do It Unless the Number Is Two

— The Bemidji Chronicles

— Consummate Professionals

— Foreign Accent Syndrome

— There’s Just One Problem with This Car

— The Truth About Martin Gardner

— P.S. My Dog Hates Your Show!

— Bad Hair Days

— Priiivate Maaagggleeeeoooziii

— Geographically Undesirable

— Ray Caught Working

— Death Valley Dinesh

— The Exercise Diaries, Featuring Tanya the Trainer

— Max and the Schnauzer

— Plywood Aerodynamics

About the Creators: TOM AND RAY MAGLIOZZI, a.k.a. Click and Clack, the Tappet Brothers, are the hosts of NPR’s Car Talk, a syndicated weekly call-in program broadcast nationwide to more than 600 stations and heard by over 3.3 million listeners. Winner of the Peabody Award, Car Talk has been providing advice on everything from car repair to marriage since 1977.

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