The Bill Haley Tapes - CD audiobook

The Bill Haley Tapes - compact discs

SKU: 9781885959157
  • Written By: Bill Haley
  • Publisher: Jerden Records
  • Published: January 2000
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Nonfiction - 1 COMPACT DISC - 30 minutes

Publisher, Jerden Records (September 2000)

"The Godfather of Rock `n` Roll" is featured in a lengthy, personal and provocative interview conducted by Canadian Hall of Fame D.J., Red Robinson. Also features Haley and his Comets musically on several of their classic hits:

Shake, Rattle & Roll
Rudi's Rock
Rock Around the Clock

Bill Haley was the catalyst who brought country and rhythm and blues together to make Rock 'N Roll a viable music form. Many have forgotten how this pioneer laid the groundwork for what was to come. After his initial groundbreaking hits he was soon over-shadowed by those who followed, so much so that in later years he was constantly overlooked, for the benchmark music he created in the mid-fifties. During my interview with Bill in the late sixties, I found him to be a most articulate spokesman for Rock 'N Roll. He was candid about his experiences over the years and vocal about the good, the bad and the ugly in the record business. I respected the man for his contributions to the music world and I appreciate more and more, as time passes, his undeniable place in history. Bill Haley was also a realist. He recognized as early as 1956 that he and his band would soon fade as newer and younger voices would drown out his rustic beginnings of a brand new music form. Above all Bill Haley was a human being and I always found him to be a gentleman. I know you will recognize his sincerity when you hear his voice on this archival recording. His music now belongs to the ages.

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