Franklin Delano Roosevelt: Roy Jenkins - abridged CD audiobook

Franklin Delano Roosevelt: Roy Jenkins - abridged CD audiobook

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  • Written By: Roy Jenkins
  • Publisher: Audio Renaissance
  • Published: January 2003
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Written by Roy Jenkins - Audio book narrated by Richard Rohan - Arthur M. Schlesinger Jr, Editor of The American Presidents" series - Abridged Nonfiction - 3 COMPACT DISCS - 3.5 hours

Publisher, Audio Renaissance (November 2003)

A masterly, posthumous work by the New York Times bestselling author of Churchill and Gladstone.

A protean figure and a man of massive achievement, Franklin Delano Roosevelt was the only man to be elected to the presidency more than twice. In a ranking of chief executives, no more than three of his predecessors could truly be placed in contention with his standing, and of his successors, there are so far none.

In acute, stylish language, Roy Jenkins tackles all of the nuances and intricacies of FDRís character. He was a skilled politician with astounding flexibility; he oversaw an incomparable mobilization of American industrial and military effort; and all the while aroused great loyalty and dazzled those around him with his personal charm. Despite several setbacks and one apparent catastrophe, his life was buoyed by the influence of Eleanor, who was not only a wife but an adviser and one of the twentieth centuryís greatest political reformers.

Nearly complete before Jenkinsís death in January 2003, this volume was finished by historian Richard Neustadt.

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