Too Hot for Radio - CD audiobook

Too Hot for Radio - CD audiobook

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  • Publisher: Great American Audio
  • Published: January 2008
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Four 60-minute audio recordings
60-minute fascinating audio tour of Radio's most famous bleeps, bloopers and risqué double entendres
56 page book "Too Hot for Radio"

Unabridged Radio Fiction - 5 COMPACT DISCS

Publisher, Great American Audio


Those tantalizing, controversial, censored broadcasts the were Too Hot for Radio!

Contains never-before-released original broadcasts gems!

Mae West
Jack Benny
Abbott & Costello
Amos 'n' Andy
The Shadow
and many more

PROGRAM 1 - Too Hot for Radio
Radio's most controversial performers and their most uproariously spicy sketches are featured in an original Great American Audio documentary featuring Bob Hope & Jerry Colonna, Bing Crosby & Al Jolson, Dean Martin & Jerry Lewis, Lowell Thomas, Mike Wallace, Virginia Graham, Errol Flynn & Anthony Quinn, Judy Garland, Orson Welles and the "War of the Worlds," Marlene Dietrich, Father Charles E. Coughlin, Tennessee Ernie Ford, Fred Allen and host Anthony Tollin.

PROGRAM 2 - Banned from the Airwaves
The original radio broadcast of "The Garden of Eden" starring Mae West and Don Ameche, Edgar Bergen and Charlie McCarthy, and Nelson Eddy. This is the controversial broadcast that led to demands for the government censorship of radio and caused Mae West (and even the mention of her name) to be banned from the airwaves for the next decade.

PROGRAM 3 - Sexy Stockings
Abbott & Costello star in "Lucille Ball's Nylon Stockings," a rapid-fire torrent of risqué radio double-entendres as they attempt to procure a pair of nylon stockings from the lovely legs of Lucille Ball. Also starring Mel Blanc. Adulterous Affairs Amos 'n' Andy star in "The Return of Madame Queen" when a jealous boyfriend hires the womanizing Andy as chauffeur to guard his man-hungry girlfriend. Controversial Horror "The Voice of Death." A bizarre episode of The Shadow that provoked demands that such shows be "banned for the airwaves."

PROGRAM 4 - Radio Scandals
Arthur Godfrey's on-air firing of popular vocalist Julius LaRosa led to the professional decline of the biggest star in the history of radio and television. The Bust of the Jack Benny Program "All American" guest-starring Tony Curtis and Veola Vonn. The classic episode of radio's most beloved comedian, where the censor changed a line, resulting in the longest and dirtiest laugh of the entire season. Dirty Saturdays "The New Hotel" starring William Conrad. The most famous of Gunsmoke's notorious "Dirty Saturday" rehearsals. (Never before commercially released)

PROGRAM 5 - The Blonde Bombshell "Charlie McCarthy Weds Marilyn Monroe." Charlie isn't afraid of the "ball and chain" of marriage since he's sure "being married to Marilyn is going to be a ball." For the Boys "Command Performance" starring Bob Hope, Bing Crosby, Gypsy Rose Lee, Betty Hutton, Jimmy Durante, and Bette Davis are in rare form before a radio audience of gal-starved World War II G.I.s. (Never before commercially released)

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