Great Expectations: Charles Dickens - cassette - Brilliance

Great Expectations: Charles Dickens - cassette - Brilliance

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  • Written By: Charles Dickens
  • Publisher: Brilliance Audio
  • Published: May 2002
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Written by Charles Dickens (1812 - 1870) - Audio book performed by Michael Page - Unabridged Fiction - 14 CASSETTES - 20 hours

Publisher, Brilliance Corporation (May 2002)

Great Expectations chronicles the progress of Pip from childhood through adulthood. As he moves from the marshes of Kent to London society, he encounters a variety of extraordinary characters: from Magwitch, the escaped convict, to Miss Havisham and her ward, the arrogant and beautiful Estella. In this fascinating story, Dickens shows the dangers of being driven by a desire for wealth and social status. Pip must establish a sense of self against the plans which others seem to have for him --- and somehow discover a firm set of values and priorities.

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